Exploring the Latest Features of the Volkswagen Taigun 2023

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, with car manufacturers continually pushing the boundaries of innovation to meet the demands of an ever-changing market. Volkswagen, a renowned name in the world of automobiles, is no exception. In 2023, Volkswagen has introduced its latest creation, the Taigun, a compact SUV that is generating quite a buzz. Volkswagen Taigun 2023 update is a new start to the brand while retaining its renowned customer base. Visit PPS Volkswagen Showrooms in Kolkata to find all the details related to Volkswagen Taigun while understanding the upgrades done to the vehicle.

Volkswagen Taigun 2023 Features

In this blog, we will explore the latest features of the VWTaigun 2023 India and see what makes it stand out in the crowded SUV segment.

Striking Exterior Design

The Volkswagen Taigun 2023 boasts an eye-catching exterior design that seamlessly combines modern aesthetics with the brand's signature styling cues. The front fascia features a bold and distinctive grille, complemented by sharp LED headlights.

The sculpted sides and well-defined character lines give the Taigun a sporty and dynamic appearance. Its compact size makes it perfect for city driving, while its rugged styling hints at its off-road capabilities.

Spacious and Comfortable Interior

Step inside the Taigun, and you'll be greeted by a spacious and comfortable interior that exudes quality and craftsmanship. The cabin is well-appointed with premium materials and offers ample headroom and legroom for both front and rear passengers.

The seats are designed for long journeys, providing excellent support and comfort. The rear seats are versatile, allowing for easy cargo space expansion when needed. The staff of  PPS Volkswagen Cars Showrooms in Bangalore will explain the comfort features of VW Taigun in detail.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Volkswagen has equipped the Taigun with a host of cutting-edge technology features. The centerpiece of the interior is the large touchscreen infotainment system that supports smartphone integration, navigation, and a plethora of apps.

It also comes with an advanced sound system, ensuring an immersive audio experience. The digital instrument cluster provides clear and customizable information to the driver, enhancing convenience and safety.

Advanced Safety Features

Volkswagen places a high focus on safety, and the Taigun is no different. A wide range of cutting-edge safety systems, including adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assistance, and autonomous emergency braking, are included in the package.

These features help to reduce the risk of accidents and provide peace of mind to the driver and passengers. Volkswagen vehicles are well-known for Safety and Taigun is no exception. Visit PPS Volkswagen Dealers Showrooms in Bangalore to witness all the safety features.

Efficient Powertrains

The Volkswagen Taigun 2023 offers a choice of efficient powertrains to suit different driving preferences. There are both petrol and diesel engine options, each with varying power outputs. The engines are designed to deliver a good balance between performance and fuel efficiency, making the Taigun suitable for both urban and highway driving.

All-Wheel Drive Capability

For those who enjoy a bit of off-road adventure, Volkswagen offers an all-wheel-drive variant of the Taigun. This feature enhances the SUV's traction and stability on challenging terrain, making it an attractive option for outdoor enthusiasts.

Customization Options

Volkswagen understands that individuality is important to customers, and the Taigun offers a range of customization options. From exterior paint colors to interior trims and accessories, buyers can tailor their Taigun to reflect their personal style and preferences.

FAQs on Volkswagen Taigun 2023

What are the new features of the Taigun?

On the Highline version of the 1.0l TSI Dynamic Line, the Volkswagen Taigun now has automatic headlights and automatic coming-home and departure lights. The Virtus GT 1.5l TSI Performance Line now has the same enhancements to its feature list as the Virtus. Rear fog lamps are now available across all of Virtus' versions.

What are the 40 safety features in Taigun?

VW Taigun comprises ESC (Electronic stability control), Hill hold control, Multi-collision brakes, Tire pressure deflation warning, LED daytime running lights, Driver airbag, Passenger airbag, Front side airbags, Curtain airbags, All seats with 3-point seat belts, Seat belt reminder (driver and co-driver), 5 headrest (for all passengers), Height adjustable driver seat, ISOFIX child seat preparation, rear 2x, Central locking, Speed sensing door lock, High mounted stop lamp, Driver side pinch guard, Parking sensors (rear), Reversing camera, Day and night mirror, Lane change indicator, EDL - Electronic differential lock, and HBB - Hydraulic brake boosters

It also has Front fog lamps, Static cornering light, Rear defogger, Rear wiper and washer, Immobilizer, Emergency door locking / unlocking, Crash warning signal, Impact absorbing body components, Speed alert system, Side impact protection beam in doors, Child lock on rear door, Light sensor, Rain sensor, Reflector in rear bumper, Manual coming / leaving home lights, Auto coming / leaving home lights, Parking side indicator lights, Headlamp flasher, Braking light with high-mounted stop lamp, Hazard lights, Brake disc wiping, BA - Brake assist, EBD - Electronic brake force distribution, and TCS - Traction control system.

What is the mileage of the Taigun Petrol in 2023?

The Volkswagen Taigun has a 17.88 to 20.08 kph range in fuel economy. The automatic 2023 Taigun's mileage is 17.88 kph, while the manual's mileage is 20.08. Whether you're looking for a practical urban SUV or a versatile off-road companion, the Taigun is worth considering.

What is the price hike for the Taigun in 2023?

Price Increase of Up to Rs. 35,000 for the Volkswagen Taigun Beginning in April 2023. You can find the 2023 Volkswagen Taigun on road Price as you visit PPS VW Showrooms.


The Volkswagen Taigun 2023 is a compelling addition to the compact SUV segment, offering a blend of style, technology, safety, and performance. With its striking design, comfortable interior, advanced features, and efficient powertrains, it's poised to make a mark in the automotive market. Volkswagen has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation and excellence in the automotive industry. Find Volkswagen Taigun 2023 price as you visit PPS Volkswagen Dealers in Kolkata and take a test drive.PPS Volkswagen Showrooms are also present across different locations such as Hyderabad, Karimnagar , Warangal, Khammam, Tirupati, Anantapur, and Assam.

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